TAGT is a company that builds one-of-a-kind business experience. We value quality, creativity, and growth above all things. We determined that our noble cause is to craft and offer incomparable products and services. Our star logo symbolizes a beautiful metamorphosis of three As. We are inspired by our humble beginnings with the power of the highest value on the play cards, the aces.


Supply & Distribution

Supply and Product Distribution, Wholesale, Bulk, Drop Ship

Retail and Franchise

Retail Stores, Franchise Stores, Mobile Stores and Concept Stores


Original Equipment Manufacturer, Original Design Manufacturer for Cosmetics and Skin Care

Mobility and AI

Special ventures on Mobile Ecommerce Applications, and Artificial Intelligence Vending Machines innovations such as Robotic Stores, Warehousing and Fulfillment Centers

Triple Ace System



Triple Ace Global Trading Ltd. is a socially responsible company and is govern with principles and market-based strategies that cares to social and community well-being. Triple Ace team saw this wonderful opportunity of doing business online to build a network of responsible enterprise with responsible network members who cares for homeless and less privileged children. Triple Ace pledge to sponsor shelter, food and education of 10 kids of World Vision Korea. This is because, we, in Triple Ace, do believe that every individual or organization has an obligation to act or perform to benefit society especially the less fortunate ones.


Making money by referral is a snap. Just refer us to any potential clients whether be it wholesale or bulk purchases, OEM-ODM or Retail Store Franchise and you'll earn cash on every invoices and purchase orders made through you. Email us at cio@tagt.co.kr to join through our referral network. This program pays you for sending your customers to our us.


If you're looking for valuable investment opportunities with huge market potential, we welcome you to come talk with us. We have several export opportunities abroad and are currently developing a prototype ready and robust social and consumer mobile application. Our team value commitment, pride and ingenuity. Online, we've taken our commitment to innovation even further, and you'll find there's more to support us with our endeavors. Whether you're a prospective investor or just simply looking to support a good cause, we're sure you'll find us valuable. We will love to hear from you, coo@tagt.co.kr.



Triple Ace Global Trading Ltd.
6th Floor, 64 Kimsangok-ro
Jongno-gu, Seoul 03125
South Korea

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